I cannot save you.

You cannot save you.

Only Jesus Christ can save you.

And when I say save I mean from death.

However, there are things you’re commanded to do here. There are eyes to pluck, hands to lose, and the like.

The Holy Spirit sanctifies all of us in varying ways throughout our lives. Sometimes we just need a little discipline.

It is no wonder that every religion in the world has ascetic practices, and it is no wonder that Christian Ascetics sprung up and became a powerful force for holiness. It is also not surprising at all that many of these ascetics took their lives too far, perhaps trusting in their own suffering more than the suffering of Christ on the Cross.

I aim to help you sort out your struggles, problems, and addictions through the Word of God and real ascetic practice. None of this, “90 days without alcohol, fast through lunch” nonsense that weak men push as real asceticism.

If you’re ready to change yourself and change your life, and build up that discipline you are sorely lacking, then I invite you to read on and journey with me.

This is The Severity.